About Us

The Company

SRV Interiors is an Interior Designer & Interiors Decorator firm based in the western suburbs of Mumbai, Maharashtra. This is a proprietorship firm having a team of dedicated professionals and experienced contractors. Our company undertakes designing and renovation of Interior spaces mainly for residences, offices, restaurants and bungalows. Our expertise is not only limited to designing layouts and providing detailed elevations but also in renovation, remodelling and refurnishing of Interior spaces. We have over the years earned a reputation of converting ordinary and blank spaces into signature interiors.

Our Principle

Elegant and Creative Designs planned with utmost precision as well as fineness and then executed with promptness and conviction differentiates us. This is the hallmark of SRV Interiors. Our interiors generally reflect a clutter free space with spellbound design and striking ambience. In our design and execution, we lay lot of emphasis on aesthetics and finishing. We believe that our design should touch and move your senses. Our choice and use of colour, texture and materials along with thoughtful lighting will bring a sense of calm and serenity into your space. One should feel rich, relaxed and motivated by our design and decoration. We educate our clients and take them along in our decision making process because we believe that they are the end users and their choice is of paramount importance.

Our Work Culture

We at SRV Interiors, spin a dream for you with our vision and design. Our execution of projects shall be beyond your imagination and an experience to cherish. We value time and are known for delivering projects on schedule and within budget. Fresh ideas and modern techniques are infused into our designs at every stage and we keep ourselves updated on the latest trends and products in the market. We improve and improvise with every feedback. We very much value our client relation and hence deliver periodic maintenance and after sale services to the works carried out by us.

We have built a reputation as Interior Designers' who conducts themselves with high honesty and integrity. We take our clients into utmost confidence on every aspect and details of our work. We are passionate about our profession and consider Interior Designing and decoration less of business.

Design and high quality finish are the qualities that are reflected through our works. Our attaching more significance to the finishing aspect makes us unique and reliable. Our team of designers constantly work out new designs and are very open to suggestions and recommendations from our clients. Our design and colour combinations are exemplary and original.

Our Team

In addition to our in-house design team, we have with us a team of experienced contractors and craftsmen for each trade. These contractors are briefed, counselled and motivated by us periodically. Their quality of work and their compliance to all aspects of design and drawing are strictly monitored by our site supervisors. Our contractors are disciplined, well behaved and experienced in their particular trades. They have been with the company from its early years and have evolved themselves into fine tradesmen. We have continuously received favourable feedback, regarding their work and behaviour, from our clients and are very proud to have them working with us.

Our Dream

Having executed numerous successful projects over the years and across the suburbs, it is but natural that we would like our company to expand further and design more projects inside and outside Mumbai. We would like our company to be successful not only in terms of the projects it commissions but also increase our footprint in the design industry. We would like to explore many more areas of design and not be confined to small spaces only. Our appetite for better designs over larger areas keeps us motivated and enthusiastic. We always request our clients of only two things ie. Trust & Patience and hence our company tag line TRUST US TO DELIVER.


  •     Layouts & Detailed Estimates
  •    Elevations & Perspectives
  •     3d Designs & Walk Through
  •    Consultation Service
  •     Turnkey Basis
  •    Material Selection / Procurement
  •     Decoration Ideas
  •     Landscaping

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic
in business but above all...
good design must primarily serve people.